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Elios Management Consulting Pvt Ltd

About Us

Elios Management Consulting Pvt Ltd epitomises dynamic and innovative consulting, dedicated to delivering comprehensive, high-quality, and sustainable solutions across diverse sectors.
Initially rooted in healthcare, with a focus on uplifting middle and lower-income groups in Tier II and III cities of India, Elios has since broadened its scope to encompass critical areas such as Healthcare, Education, eLearning, Skill Training, Youth Employability & Entrepreneurship, and Financial Inclusion. Through unwavering dedication to societal transformation, Elios has directly and indirectly impacted over 1 million beneficiaries, forged through strategic partnerships with esteemed organizations like Plan International, United Way of Delhi, Impact Guru Foundation, and grassroots NGOs.
Leadership in Vocational Training and Skill Development

With a wealth of experience in skill training and strategic partnerships with inuential entities such as Plan International and Impact Guru Foundation, Elios has emerged as a frontrunner in the vocational training landscape. Its network spans over 25 centers nationwide, annually training over 10,000+ beneciaries. Notably, Elios has spearheaded innovative initiatives, including the launch of Elios Edu (https://eliosedu.com/), an online skilling platform ensuring uninterrupted and widespread access to quality education.

Healthcare Initiatives Driving Impact

In the healthcare sector, Elios has orchestrated over 250+ general health and specialized camps across the country, even reaching the remotest villages, alongside establishing health clinics. During the tumultuous period of the Covid-19 pandemic, Elios orchestrated one of the largest vaccination programs in the country, targeting underprivileged communities and vaccinating over 5 lakhs individuals. Moreover, Elios has prioritized upskilling healthcare professionals, having trained over 1000+ nurses in digital health training, equipping them with essential digital skills and knowledge to drive positive change within the healthcare industry.

Consulting Expertise in Skilling, Entrepreneurship, and Healthcare Management

Elios Management Consulting specializes in Skilling, Entrepreneurship, and Healthcare management consulting, positioned to partner with and support growing organizations seeking top-tier solutions. Under the stewardship of experienced professionals, Elios offers a suite of consulting services extending to healthcare policy, nancial management, and operational efciency, solidifying its status as a trusted partner for organizations navigating the evolving healthcare landscape.

Impactful Initiatives in Education, Entrepreneurship, and Life Skills Development

Elios has demonstrated remarkable success in executing projects focused on education, entrepreneurship, and life skills development. Through initiatives like “College to Corporates,” Elios has empowered young college graduates from underprivileged backgrounds with essential professional and life skills, subsequently facilitating their placement in reputable companies within the organized sector. With over 2000+ students beneting from this program, Elios has effectively bridged the gap between academia and industry, fostering meaningful career opportunities for talented individuals. Moreover, Elios has actively promoted entrepreneurship by supporting women’s groups in forming Self-Help Groups (SHGs) and assisting them in launching small businesses. Notably, some beneciaries have progressed to establish their own small-scale sanitary pad manufacturing setups, exemplifying Elios’ commitment to fostering economic empowerment and sustainable livelihoods within communities.


Sr. CSR PROJECTS Organization No. of Trainees Status
1 Job Oriented Vocational Training Plan International 7000+ Ongoing
2 Digital Health Skills For Nurses Impact Guru Foundation 1000 Ongoing
3 Digital Health Skills for Nurses Medvarsity 1000 Ongoing
4 Entrepreneurship Training and Enterprise Development (Sanitary Napkin Units) Plan International 16 Ongoing
5 Financial Literacy Training EFRAH 5000 Completed
6 College to Campus IAVH & Rubicon Foundation 3653 Completed
7 Job Oriented Vocational Training CWS 1200 Completed
8 ESDM & semi conductor DESU 250 On going
9 General Health Camps Impact Guru Foundation 250 On going