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Short-Term Training Program in AI & ML

Addressing Industry Demand
  • Recognise the critical need for skilled AI and ML professionals.
  • Emphasise the project’s strategic position to meet the growing demand.
Bridging the Skill Gap
  • Provide focused, hands-on training to youth in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.
  • Decision to tailor the curriculum to Localised Industry Demands (LFA) for regional job market relevance.
Empowering Youth and Fostering Innovation
  • Empower youth with cutting-edge skills.
  • Contribute to the nation’s global technological leadership and foster innovation.
Strategic Impact
  • The project strategically addresses industry demand, ensures regional relevance, and fosters innovation.

Project Overview

Program Objectives
  • Equip 2000 youth with practical AI and ML skills for immediate employability.
  • Foster collaboration and teamwork through project-based learning.
  • Establish a sustainable talent pipeline for the evolving technology industry.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship and innovation among participants.
Immediate Impact
  • Provide immediate skills for enhanced employability.
Long-term Vision
  • Foster a sustainable talent pool for societal and economic development.
Contribution to Industry Growth
  • Bridge the skills gap in the short term.
  • Build a sustainable talent pool for long-term competitiveness.


The methodology integrates a learner-centric approach with industry collaboration, ensuring a holistic learning experience.
Curriculum Development
  • Conduct surveys and interviews with industry professionals to identify current skill gaps.
  • Analyse market trends and demands in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Pune.
Collaboration with Experts
  • Engage AI and ML professionals in curriculum development to ensure industry relevance.
  • Conduct workshops and roundtable discussions with subject matter experts.
Customisation for LFA
  • Tailor the curriculum to address Localised Industry Demands (LFA) specific to each region.
  • Consider regional case studies and industry practices for contextual learning.

Monitoring & Timelines

Three-Month Training Program
  • Design a structured three-month schedule with daily four-hour sessions.
  • Include breaks and interactive sessions for participant engagement.
  • Plan for placement support, alumni engagement, and networking opportunities.
  • Facilitate mentorship programs for long-term guidance.
Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Regularly monitor participant retention rates, project completion, and industry placements.
  • Track alumni success stories, entrepreneurial ventures, and sustained industry contributions.
  • Conduct periodic surveys to evaluate the long-term impact on participants’ careers.


“The future of AI and machine learning is not just about creating intelligent machines; it’s about empowering intelligent humans to solve the world’s most pressing challenges.”