Sr. CSR PROJECTS Organization No. of Trainees Status
1 Job Oriented Vocational Training Plan International 7000+ Ongoing
2 Digital Health Skills For Nurses Impact Guru Foundation 1000 Ongoing
3 Digital Health Skills for Nurses Medvarsity 1000 Ongoing
4 Entrepreneurship Training and Enterprise Development (Sanitary Napkin Units) Plan International 16 Ongoing
5 Financial Literacy Training EFRAH 5000 Completed
6 College to Campus IAVH & Rubicon Foundation 3653 Completed
7 Job Oriented Vocational Training CWS 1200 Completed
8 ESDM & semi conductor DESU 250 On going
9 General Health Camps Impact Guru Foundation 250 On going

Project: Health Camps

Fathom this:

  • Close to 700 million people have minimal or no access to basic/primary healthcare services (MOH data)
  • More than 1 million Indians die every year due to inadequate healthcare facilities
  • India is home to an 100 million people suffering from mental and anxiety disorders, according to the World Health Organisation.
  • Children and Women most affected by lack of basic healthcare services
  • In India, 1.2 million children are still dying before reaching their fifth birthday per year (UNICEF)
  • Out of Pocket expenses for healthcare stands at 86 per cent (World Bank)
  • There is 1 fake doctor for every 10 doctors in Delhi (Swavalamban Survey)

Project: Health Camps Goals & Objectives

  • To connect and operate General Health Camps in schools within underprivileged societies (rural and semi urban areas), providing access to basic health check-ups, immunizations, and medical treatments.
  • To facilitate early detection and prevention of common health issues prevalent in these communities, thereby reducing the overall disease burden.
  • To impart health education to children and their parents, promoting awareness about preventive healthcare measures, hygiene practices, and nutrition.
  • To collaborate with local governmental bodies and NGOs to amplify the reach and impact of the health posts.
  • To monitor and evaluate the health outcomes and effectiveness of the General Health Camps, leveraging this data to continually refine and improve the health camp services.
  • To establish a model that can be replicated in other underprivileged communities, thereby scaling the impact and fostering a culture of health equity.

Target Beneficiaries & Focus Thematic Areas

Target beneficiaries

  • Rural and semi urban population (slums) including migrant workers and their families
  • School children studying in Government & semi-aided schools

Focus thematic areas

  • Primary Health Services
  • Mental Health
  • Maternal Health
  • Newborn and Child Health
  • Nutrition Counselling to malnourished children
  • Communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • Health Awareness & Counselling

Proposed Intervention

General Health Camp shall be organised at the selected venues in rural and semi rural areas with the following services to be offered:
  • Medical Consultancy (1 MBBS Doctor or 1 Medical Counsellor)
  • Vital Checkup: 100% with height, weight, BMI, etc
  • Diagnostic Checkup: 100% test for anaemia, BP, Sugar
  • Medicine (generic) Distribution as per protocol
  • School Children & Community People with serious ailments/diseases shall be referred to the nearest Govt hospital.
  • Specialists-on-call for special days
  • Facility of Referral links with local emergency ambulance services & local pathological diagnostic services
  • Community awareness camps on preventive measures and home based management of ailments like malaria, pneumonia, diarrhoea, HIV/AIDS, anaemia and the like.
  • Health education about myths and beliefs of patients about various diseases

Monitoring & Reporting

  • Information about the Health Camp with location shall be shared beforehand
  • Geotagging of Health Camp Pictures
  • Presence of Program Coordinator for on-ground management
  • A detailed analysis of the Each Health Camp shall be shared along with photos as per standard format
  • Quarterly program progress reports shall be provided along with an annual report.
  • Brief quantitative monthly progress reports shall be provided

Sustainability & SDGs

  • To build capacities at the grassroots level like creating awareness among the migrant population on the importance of regular health check ups.
  • Our model is designed to be scalable and replicable, allowing for expansion into other regions or communities. This replication further ensures sustainability, as more stakeholders get involved.
  • The project also addresses the following sustainable development goals:
    — To ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all
    — To check the BMI, BP, Diabetes and health issues of migrant population and their overall health status
  • A healthy community will be more productive for the society.