Sabbar Tousif

Managing Director, Elios Management Consulting
At the helm of Elios is Sabbar Tousif, a formidable force in the realm of social entrepreneurship and management consulting. Sabbar brings to the table a comprehensive understanding of the nancial services, rural development, and healthcare sectors, backed by a wealth of experience and an MBA degree. Sabbar’s professional journey is studded with impactful roles at prestigious organizations such as HDFC Bank and JCB India Ltd. From project management to leading operations at the state level, he has donned multiple hats, demonstrating versatility and leadership. However, it is his passion for social entrepreneurship that truly sets him apart. Sabbar is the proud founder of Elios, a management consulting rm dedicated to elevating operational standards within healthcare organizations, ultimately fostering improved patient care. His strategic vision and tactical expertise have steered numerous healthcare providers, both within India and globally, towards streamlined processes, cost reduction, and enhanced protability. Beyond the realm of healthcare, Sabbar’s efforts have rippled through rural landscapes as well.