Upskilling of ASHA Worker – P. Sathiyavathi from Pondicherry

Personal Details

Name: P. Sathiyavathi
Father's Name: L. Pakkiri
Mother's Name: P. Rajeswari
Occupation: ASHA Worker


P. Sathiyavathi, a dedicated ASHA worker from Pondicherry, has been actively involved in community healthcare for several years. Recognizing the need for continuous improvement and upskilling, she enthusiastically enrolled in the program “Upskilling of ASHA and Ground Health Workers to Strengthen India’s Primary Healthcare System.”


P. Sathiyavathi, hailing from Pondicherry, has been serving as an ASHA worker, playing a crucial role in delivering primary healthcare services at the community level. Prior to participating in the upskilling program, she expressed her desire to undergo on-the-job training to enhance her capabilities and contribute more effectively to her community.

Benefits Obtained

The upskilling program proved to be a transformative experience for P. Sathiyavathi. She highlighted several key benefits she gained from the program:
  • Enhanced Knowledge in Geriatric Care: The program deepened her understanding of geriatric care, equipping her with valuable insights on how to provide effective healthcare to the elderly population in her community.
  • Skill Development: P. Sathiyavathi honed her skills through the program, gaining proficiency in essential areas such as CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and medication administration. This practical knowledge significantly enhanced her ability to address various healthcare needs within her community.
  • Emergency Response Training: The program covered emergency response strategies, teaching her how to react effectively in critical situations. Additionally, she gained knowledge on using fire extinguishers, adding an extra layer of preparedness in emergency scenarios.
  • Overall Development: P. Sathiyavathi expressed that the program was instrumental in developing both her skills and knowledge, making her a more competent and confident healthcare provider.

Feedback and Suggestions

While appreciative of the program, P. Sathiyavathi offered constructive suggestions:
  • Extended Duration for Deeper Learning:She recommended extending the program’s duration, believing that more time would allow for a deeper understanding of the topics covered, ensuring comprehensive learning.
  • Inclusion of a Wider Audience: P. Sathiyavathi advocated for extending the program to a broader audience, not limited to ASHA and ground-level health workers. She emphasized the importance of imparting such valuable skills to individuals beyond the healthcare sector.
  • Providing Study Material: To enhance the learning experience, P. Sathiyavathi suggested providing study materials related to the program, facilitating continuous reference and reinforcement of the acquired knowledge.


P. Sathiyavathi expressed her gratitude to the organizers of the program, thanking them for orchestrating such a valuable initiative. She acknowledged the positive impact it had on her professional growth and, by extension, on the well-being of her community. She is excited for the upcoming placement sessions.

Project Overview

The Upskilling of ASHA and Ground Health Worker project, with a focus on Pondicherry and Villupuram, aims to assess and enhance the skills and knowledge of frontline healthcare providers. The project involves a comprehensive evaluation of 371 healthcare providers, acknowledging their vital role in community health. The initiative seeks to bridge skill gaps and empower these providers with the tools needed to navigate the complexities of delivering high-quality primary healthcare services. The ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on communities by ensuring that these healthcare providers are well-equipped to meet the healthcare needs of the population.

Glimpses of Skill Training